Simplified EMR

NuScribe Online is an internet based application for creating and managing medical reports and documentation in a user-friendly environment. The document creation is accomplished by using the most accurate voice recognition engine available today. You can use NuScribe as a single user, or network the service throughout a larger group or enterprise. The system also allows the user to create and store documentation for printing, faxing or use with an EMR.

How Does it Work:

1. Logon

NuScribe Online is accessed from your existing PC as long as it is powerful enough. Once you log into your NuScribe user site, simply enter your user name and password and you are ready to dictate.

2. Dictate

Once logged in, you will use voice commands to select the patient from your database. Next, you will select the template or type of report needed and then begin dictating. It’s really that simple!

The system will help you create report templates and macros by leveraging the repetitive nature of your report documentation. Your templates will automatically insert all of your normal examination texts before you even begin to dictate. You can use macros to insert blocks of text into different templates, such as plans or assessments. Ideally, you will only be “free-form” dictating a very small portion of the document (specific patient symptoms, prescription information, etc.). NuScribe is flexible enough to be able to create documents that are as standard or unique as you desire.

3. Sign and print or send to EMR

Once your document is completed, you may either send it to the “held documents queue” or save it to the patient’s record in the system. Documents can be HELD for as long as you need, and can be reviewed or edited at any time while in hold status. Once the documents are saved, they are automatically signed and stored. Saved documents are in a ready form for printing on hard-copy. The records can be faxed directly out of the system or exported to your EMR.

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