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About Our Products:
“The Nuscribe system better suits my needs, and in my opinion is a superior product. I’m always amazed at how well the system does with complicated terms and vocabulary.”
— Scott Wattenhofer, MD
“Just a quick word to let you know how satisfied I am with my NuScribe voice recognition system.  I have been using this system for about three months now and have recovered the amount initially invested after about two months of use.  I not only have saved in transcription costs, but am also able to code at a higher level because of the complex level of documentation I am able to perform.”
— Robert L. Ordonez, M.D.
“I have been using the NuScribe system for over five months. I have found the system to be very user-friendly and efficient for my dictation needs. My transcription costs were approaching $20,000 for this year alone. It is obvious this system will pay for itself in less than one year after which time this money will go my bottom line. The most common question I am asked: If you had it to do over again would you purchase the system? My answer would be absolutely!”
— Brian Abbey, D.P.M.
About Our Service:
“It was a pleasure to have your support staff train me on the use of NuScribe. I found that the system was much more than I expected. I particularly appreciated his knowledge and patience.”
— Theodore R. Densley
“”Patient and compassionate for a person like myself who is computer illiterate except on how to buy items on ebay. Very thorough and did a lot of work for me! I actually feel comfortable with the system! He talked a language that I could understand. I seemed to learn the process fairly well and quickly.”
— Dr. Joel Brown

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