EMR for iPad

NuScribe provides the perfect EMR for iPad users! Finally the technology has caught up to our intuitive touch screen designs, and in combination of Apple working with Nuance Dragon Dictate, they have finally brought accurate speech recognition the the iPad 3 platform.

If you are used to using NuScribe on the PC, you will find having your iPad extremely handy for dictating notes on the go, checking patient records, and keeping your business operating from anywhere at any time. NuScribe’s EMR for the iPad is just as convenient as your full PC version, and becomes very useful for your mobile life style.

With the 3G, and 4g connections, the iPad 3 with NuScribe is the most powerful hand held touch and voice activated Electronic Medical Record system in the Market.

Here is a quick demo to show you how easy NuScribe is to use on the iPad 3!

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