Why Should I Try NuScribe?

NuScribe is the fastest and easiest speech recognition based medical documentation system online that takes advantage of the latest-model PCs with a high-speed internet connection.

  • Do you dictate your notes?  If you currently dictate your notes, then you are spending too much money on monthly transcription costs (hundreds to thousands of dollars each month). NuScribe allows the user to create documents in real-time, with zero latency and without a per-transaction expense. NuScribe also leverages the repetitive nature of medical documentation to keep your actual dictation time at a minimum.
  • Do you handwrite your notes?  you currently handwrite your notes, you don’t have the time to create really detailed notes, which would allow you to bill at higher levels. This will cost your practice thousands of dollars each year in lost income. By using NuScribe’s many time-saving features, you can quickly generate extremely detailed notes and feel confident billing at the appropriate levels.
  • Do you have an EMR or EHR?  If you already have migrated to an Electronic Medical Record or Electronic Health Record system, you will realize how much longer it is taking you to create the same basic notes, which used to take you less time.  This will also cost your practice thousands of dollars each year in lost income with doctors and staff trying to adapt a new costly EMR or EHR. NuScribe takes just 5 minutes to implement and 5 minutes to understand.  Within 5 minutes of training, your entire office can be using NuScribe Online.

No matter how you currently create your documentation, you will find NuScribe to be one of the easiest medical software applications you have ever worked with. Most clinics are up and fully running in just a few hours.

*NuScribe also supports Android and iPhones with voice dictation, and all other smart phones can easily access their notes anytime, anywhere securely.

Call now: 1-888-548-8255 (TALK) or Email: support@nuscribe.com